Saturday, June 6, 2015

You Are Alive

She dashed down the dirty path, with rain pelting down on her in a bruised-like force. With fear, she ran from the shadows that fervently chased after her, licking at her feet when it started to catch up to her. Blinded due to the lack of light, she steered off the path and pushed frantically at the branches that were in her way.  In her rush to escape the darkness, the branches broke due to the force she exerted on them. She didn't notice that even though she broke the branches, they still stood against the shadows that tried to catch her. She continued running without a thought to the branches that she hurt and ignored the scratches and dirt that covered her hands as she tried to wipe away the raindrops from her face. Without losing her pace, she peered over her shoulders to see how far she was from the shadows.

The demons were inches away from her.

Her terrified scream was swallowed by the rumbling thunder and the beat of the rain. No one was close enough to hear her. Her tears mixed with the rain and she prayed for someone to save her from the dark abyss that was threatening to engulf her. She tilted her head up (while still running) and tried to look for any signs of being saved.

Suddenly her knees banged onto the ground. Her face slammed against the muddy ground when her hands slipped from her attempt to catch her fall. Stars were dancing in her vision and pain seared all over her body and would not relent when she cried out in vain. With the last of her strength, she rolled onto her back and saw the sinister eyes of the shadows, beckoning her in.

She almost gave in. She almost welcomed the infinite darkness that she was desperately trying to escape. But something made her look up again. Something forced her chin to tilt upwards once more. And as her vision started to clear from the tiny stars, she saw it.

A magnificent, bright light that was going to carry her home.

Yours truly,
Lost Mermaid

Ignore the grammar mistakes and the atrocious choice of words I used.
I was trying to be poetic while writing this lol.

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