Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Falling Star

So I wrote this back when I was 16. I wrote it for a semester exam (I think) and my teacher made me read it out in class. Embarrassing, yes. But hey, at least my classmates liked it.
Not exactly the best short story you can find, but like I said, I was 16.
Hopefully I'll write more (and better ones) in the near future.

                  I look up towards the night sky and the stars are blinking at me like little spotlights.  The moon is bright and showers its faint white light around me, as if welcoming me back.  The scenery is exquisite.  I have forgotten how wonderful the night sky is.
                  I remember the last time I came here.  It was with him.  I close my eyes as my mind drifts back to that very day.  It has been months since I thought of him, or anything related to him.  Memories of him are the reasons why I no longer go star-gazing anymore.  At nights like these, I would be covered and wrapped up in my comforter and blankets, surrounded by piles of pillows.  It is my way of secluding myself from the world.  I have never left my safety cocoon for months.  Until tonight.  On top of that I could no longer ignore the calls of the night sky.
                  “It is just one cigarette. Don’t worry yourself.  I just want to try it,” he said as he lighted the thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper while our backs pressed against the hard plane of the tree trunk.  “You trust me, don’t you?  You know I’m just being curious, I hope.”  I pursed my lips before deciding whether to believe him or not.  After all, why would he lie to me?  We were best friends.  I trusted him with my life.
                  The following week, I was walking towards the library and I heard his voice.  I followed it and peered behind the science building.  I caught him lighting up a cigarette with a couple of dodgy looking kids from school.  “What are you doing?” I voiced aloud.  He turned around with a guilty expression.  Instead of denying what he was doing, he defended himself.  “It’s just one more.  Don’t worry about it.  This will be my last cigarette and I promise you it will not make any difference.  You know how stressful exams could be, right?”
                  I looked at him and wondered if I should just ignore the seriousness of the situation before me.  After all, even I was feeling stressed out about exams.  I silently nodded and walked away.  I knew I should have stopped him.  However, I also knew an argument will pursue if I did.  Somehow, at that moment, I felt that walking the other way was the right thing to do.
                  As weeks flew by, we drifted apart.  However, I tried my best to understand his angst behaviour, as he ignored me.  He started hanging out with the same rowdy kids from the other day instead of me.  I felt empty without him.  I was losing my best friend.  While I tried desperately to cling to our friendship, he did nothing.
                  I should have done something.  If I did, I wouldn’t be grieving over him.  I knew he had asthma.  I knew him smoking would pose a great danger towards his life.  I saw him getting weaker every day. All the same, though, I did nothing.  And now he is gone.  Forever. 

I look up and could not help but notice the irony. The glorious sight above me is the opposite of how I feel.  I feel ugly, dirty and most of all, hopeless.  As if a black hole is sucking me out of this world while the beautiful sky is mocking me.  I cannot squelch out the guilt and regret I feel within me.  So, for the last time that night, I look up towards the night sky and said a silent prayer.  Farewell my best friend, farewell my brother.  May you finally find peace.

Hope you liked it!
Lost Mermaid

PS: Idk why, but the font in the third paragraph can't be changed to a lighter colour.
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Something Old, Something New

I haven't written a poem in quite a while.
I'm not that good at it, and I don't really know how.
But I've always loved poetry.
So, hey. Let's give it a go, shall we?
Bear with me.

Such beauty is the star,
Twinkling in the darkness,
Like spotting a lighthouse when
You're lost at sea.

Such beauty is the star,
The warmth and light of it,
Licking across the skin,
As if it will swallow you whole
In its beauty.

Such beauty is the star,
That you can't help but to covet it
And keep it in your hands forever,
Even when its brightness dims
And you're the cause of it.

Such beauty is he,
Like the star,
With me mindlessly attempting
To recover back his light,

Such beauty is he,
That the sheer thought of him
Gives me the utmost warmth,
Just like a star.

Because he's just as beautiful
(If not more), as a star,
To me.